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Adam Gładysz show in carting races

Last weekend in Tarnów’ hall called Speed Race took place carting competition under the name Winter Cup. The competitors competed in three different classes – youth (teenager, Junior), women, and popular open. The honorary patronage over the competition took the president of Tarnów - Ryszard Ścigała. The main attraction was the VIP’s race, including the participants which had had many successes in motor races. Despite of Gładysz Racing Team driver – Adam Gładysz, in this event took part Mateusz Lisowski, Mateusz Rzucidło, Hubert Cebulski, Mateusz Bartsch i Michał Zając. The Best lap time was held by Adam Gładysz - 22.17 sec.

Apart from the purely sporting emotions, there were a numerous of attractions: The motorcycle riding on Supermotos by Arek Michalski and Jacek Dembiński, The conducted of KRT Team’s carting equipment, announced the presentation of a new carting – Memorial of Janusz Kulig. On this competition it was a possibility to see exhibition of MotoGP motorcycles, photo gallery and the history of Carting and Carting Section in Tarnów. There was a meeting in which took part the former motor races drivers like Janusz Gładysz – the chief of Gładysz Racing Team, Wojciech Rzucidło and Bogdan Cebulski – The chiefs of RKT Team, and former driver of Tarnów’s carting section Maciej Flegel.

The patronage over this event took The President of Tarnów – Ryszard Ścigała and The Office for Tarnów’s Town. The campaign partners were: The Carting Track called Speed Race Tarnów, Gładysz Racing Team, The authorized dealer and VW Gładysz and sons, Comer Top Kart Polska, Team Ready2Race, "MBM" Service tire.


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