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Adam - bio

Name and Surname: 





wife Joanna, daughter Natalia, son Maciej

Date of birth:  



Place of birth:  

















Motorsport, swimming



I'm persistant and always do what's necessery to achieve my goals

Sporting Heroses: 


Robert Kubica (F1) , Tomasz Gollob (Speedway)

2011 plan: 


Scirocco R-Cup

The beginning of sports career: 



Greatest Achievements: 


2002 - Polish Champion in the class up to 2000 ccm, II V-CE Polish Champion in the general classification Grand Prix of Poland (GPP)

2003 - Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm, V-CE Polish Champion in the general classification GPP

2004 - Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm Long Distanse Polish Championship (DSMP)

2005 - V-CE Polish Champion in the general classification DSMP, V-CE Polish Champion in the general classification GPP

2006 - 6th place in the VW Castrol Cup

2007 - V-CE Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm GPP

2008 - Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm GPP, II V-CE Polish Champion in the general classification DSMP

2009 - Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm DSMP

2010 - 7th place in the International VW Scirocco R-Cup

2011 - 7th place in the International VW Scirocco R-Cup

2012 - 4th place in the International VW Scirocco R-Cup

The Gładysz family has always been fascinated by the sports cars. It all started with father – Janusz Gładysz, who initiated the entry into the District and Polish Motor Ralies Championships in 1969-1975. He represented the AMK Tarnow Team and Stomil Dębica Team with VW 1600 TL, Skoda 100, and Fiat 125 (version of Monte Carlo).

During the seventies, the fuel crisis and the political situation in Poland didn't allow for the development of motor racing. A current time is a development of motorization in Poland and the sports car as well.

The Gładysz family is the owner of authorized station of VW Audi. They established “Gładysz Racing Team” in 1998.

Adam has started off from competitive driving.

2000 and 2001
Currently is acting a professional racing team. In colours of "Gładysz Racing Team" were starting: Adam and Marcin in the Motor Races Polish Championships. In years 2000 and 2001 they were starting on VW IV 1.8 Turbo Golf car, which were specially prepared for that type of competition.

In 2002 Adam Gładysz was starting in Motor Racing Polish Championships. He was driving one of the most modern tourist cars at this time, which was without shadow of doubt, Audi A4 ST. This car was factory-made and prepared for sport. Earlier, drove this car Frank Biela – the Audi factory driver. The younger of the Gładysz’s brothers starting on this car won the Polish Championship in the class up to 2000 ccm and he gained the title of Polish II Vice-Champion in the general classification of Grand Prix. The competitor from Tarnów made also successfully start in the same year in sports contest at tracks in Germany, Austria and Belgium in the VW New Beetle Cup which was played in Beru Top 10 series. The best performance in this series for Adam was at Nurburgring track where he had taken sixth place and the commentators from DSF TV called him new talent from Poland.

Season 2003 is a continuation of performances in the Audi A4 ST. Adam Gładysz won the Polish Championship in the class up to 3500 cc and gained the title of Polish Vice-Champion in the general classification of Grand Prix. The “GRT Team” driving New Beetle VW achieved also a good result in three hours long race on Automotodromie Brno track.

In 2004 season The GRT Team started in newly created class at polish tracks - Long-Distance Motor Racing Polish Championships so-called three hours long races. The brothers were starting on VW New Beetle RSI car. They gained the title Polish Champion in the class up to 3500 ccm and fifth place in general classification. Moreover Adam and Marcin took part in two races in Czech Championships. They achieved very good results – ninth place at Brno and fifth place at Most.

The 2005 season finished with very good result of "Gładysz Castrol Racing" Team. Adam and Marcin driving Vw New Beetle RSI won the title of Polish Vice-Champion in general classification of long-distance Motor Races Championships. In addition to this Adam gained the title of Polish Vice-Champion in the general classification of Grand Prix. He was driving VW New Beetle RSI car. Our Team together with Paweł Soja took part in first elimination of Netherlands Championships Endurance Kampioenschap. They started on the VW Golf 2.0 TDI car. It was a 500 km length race on the Zandvoort track. They finished with a very good result on 24th place between 59 teams. 

In 2006 season the Gładysz Racing Team were taking a part in Volkswagen Castrol Cup. Apart from Gładysz’s brothers in the colours of team from Tarnów took part two drivers from Lithuania - Robertas Kupcikas and Jonas Gelzinis. These drivers were the stars of this cup. Kupcikas won the entire second edition of VWC Cup, and Gelzinis was followed by the winner in the general classification of the season. Adam took the sixth place. Gładysz Racing Team exposed one more car - SEAT Leon Supercopa in Grand Prix of Poland. Adam with Aleksander Michalowski and Marcin Gładysz took a part in Long-Distance Polish Championships. They were starting on VW Golf TDI car and finished these Championships with very good result – fourth place in the general classification.

In the 2007 season the Team from Tarnów had two SEAT Leon Supercopa. Adam Gładysz had had very well performances throughout the whole season in the Grand Prix of Poland. He finished the season at second place in the H-3500 class. Adam had a chance to become a champion but unfortunately his tire exploded in one of the races and shatters his hopes to be a champion.

Without a doubt it was a very good year for Adam. Gładysz Racing Team’s driver competed in Motor Racing Polish Championships and Long-Distance Motor Racing Polish Championships. At first elimination he had driven Seat Leon Supercopa but from the round in Slovakia’s Piestany he changed the car on - long-awaited by Polish and foreign tracks - VW Jetta. The younger of the Gładysz’s brothers, after a good and fast driving over the season finally won the title in the Motor Racing Championships in class up to 3500 ccm. Adam Gładysz left behind his back Karolina Czapka. These two were fighting for the title to the last elimination. Apart from the success in the sprint Gładysz Racing Team had very nice results in the long-distance rivalry. Adam and Marcin gained Polish II Vice-Champion in the general classification and second place in their class up to 3500 ccm.


It was another successful season for Adam Gładysza. The driver from Tarnów who starts in one crew, with his older brother Marcin, became the Long-Distance Motor Races Polish Champion in the class of 3500 cc, and was ranked in fourth place in the general classification LDMRPC. The Driver of VW Racing Poland give an inch only teams with much faster cars like Porsche 997, GT3 Cup and prototype of Trophy Renault. The Gładysz Racing Team won the title of Polish Vice-Champion in sponsorship class.
In the beginning of the season Adam Gladysz started in the sprint, and winning twice in his class at the Hungaroring track in the elimination of the Central Zone of the European Championships. In addition, the younger of Gładysz’s brothers also worked in katring section and his charge Michał Zajac gained first experience in karting sport, he took third place in general classification of Karting Polish Cup 2009.

In the 2010 year Adam raced in International VW Scirocco R-Cup. He finished the season at high, seventh place. The best race for Adam took place at Nürburgring track, where he had won the qualification round and started the race from pole position. He was the leader for 11 out of 14 laps and he was really close to victory unfortunately just before the finish in his right front tire the air pressure started to drop, but he managed to finish this race at third place.

In the second season of racing in VW Scirocco R-Cup, Adam once again took the seventh place in a final standings of 2011 season. After good couple of races at the beginning of the season technical problems during the race at Oschersleben track crossed out rostrum chances for the podium. On May The Gladysz Racing Team started in the second round of FIA CEZ Trophy and Polish Championship Endurance which took place in Poznań. In the long distance race Adam Gładysz drove VW Scirocco TSI car and together with his co-driver Mateusz Lisowski won this race. On holiday Adam took the advantage of break in VW Scirocco R-Cup competition, and decided to start in Hungary on Pannonia Ring track. He gained third and fourth place driving VW Scirocco TSI car.

The third season of Adam in the Scirocco R- Cup ended with the best result in the history of his starts in this cycle. Throughout the season Adam has driven equally and effectively - he had four times staying on the podium and thanks to that for the penultimate race of the season he maintained the position of V- ce Leader of cycle. Unfortunately, the failure of the braking system has prevented Adam the fight to maintain this position. Eventually he won 298 points and ended the season on the fourth position. The best performance of Adam in this season was round at the racetrack Norisring, where he reached the finish line on the second place with the loss to the winner only 0,474 s. Additionally Adam together with Christofer Berckhan – Ramirez has started as the guest VW Scirocco TSI Power, in two hours of Endurance Race in the Czech Republic . The crew Gładysz/Berckham-Ramirez took the third place in class up to 3500 ccm in Championships of the Zone of Central Europe.

In the 2013 season Adam was fully involved in the organization of a new racing series called Volkswagen Castrol Cup, where he worked as a sporting coordinator. The new responsibilities meant that Adam was forced to suspend his regular starts. Yet all the time he had regular contact with their beloved sport. During the individual rounds of Volkswagen Castrol Cup he served as an instructor, and during the intervals between races he tested the Volkswagen Golf GTI and took some practise behind the wheel of the Radical SR3.

Season 2014 was marked by many changes for Adam Gładysz. After many years of competing in the prestigious Scirocco R-Cup Tarnow-born driver jumped into rear-wheel-drive Porsche 911 GT3 and began to compete in the international racing series Porsche Platinum Cup Challenge Central Europe. Adam quickly adapted to the new series and a new car. Throughout the season, presented impressive consistency, what gave him points nearly in every race. For the long time he was leading the overall classification. Unfortunately, two breakdowns during a round in Czech town of Most caused serious point loss, which shattered the chance to fight for victory. Sour ending was sweetened by three wins and a lot of races finished on the podium.

The year 2015 was a season of new challenges for Adam. The competitor from Tarnów for the first time in his career took part in the series of endurance races. Under the R8 Motorsport name Adam Gładysz started in 24-hour marathon in Dubai and 12-hour race on the Italian racetrack Mugello. Polish team of Adam Gładysz, Robertas Kupcikas, Dylan Pereira, Dominik Kotarba-Majkutewicz and Marcin Jaros finished the tough marathon in United Arab Emirates on excellent 2nd place in their class. In Italy, Adam formed team with Dominik Kotarba-Majkutewicz and Gosia Rdest, giving their Volkswagen Golf GTI one more, great 6th place in class. Season 2015 was also a time of non-racing activity for Adam – the competitor from Tarnów participated in the Volkswagen Golf Cup, being a sporting coordinator of the cup, as well as the coach for young and promising talents.