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Ready for Dubai


The Polish team RTG by Gładysz Racing, supported by Volkswagen Racing Polska as soon as at the beginning of next year will begin its second trip to United Arab Emirates, where will participate in the tough 24hour rivalry on the racetrack in Dubai. The end of the season 2015 was very busy for a team known from participation in the Volkswagen Golf Cup.

Adam Gładysz as well as Robertas Kupcikas together with Marcin Jaros, Jerzy Dudek and Simon Larsson, conducted a series of tests in October, during which they prepared themselves to the start in the prestigious Dubai race behind the wheel of the SEAT Leon Supercopa. The task they will have to face won’t be easy – the Polish team will fight in the A3T class. In the next year’s edition of the 24H Dubai race we will witness the biggest number of entries – there will be as many as 100 cars on the start of the race. In those conditions, focus and concentration will be necessary during the whole distance of rivalry. Full squad of the team will be present on the Dubai venue on Tuesday, January 12th 2016, when the crew will prepare their service area, as well as visit the whole lap of the Dubai Autodrome.

This will be the perfect time for the drivers to discuss the most important spots, as the most experienced Adam Gładysz and Robertas Kupcikas will point the most important turns. Practice sessions are scheduled for Thursday, January 14th. The first one will take place at 11:30 a.m. – during half hour session we will see cars from classes A2, A3, CUP1, TCR and SP3. At 1:30 p.m. there will be a second practice session for the drivers of all classes, and it will last 2,5 hours. Just after waving the chequered flag, 15 minutes later, the RTG drivers will begin a fight for the highest starting position, before the Friday race starting precisely at 2:00 p.m. 24 hours later the competitors will cross the finish late for the last time. There is no doubt that the target for the Polish team with a help of Volkswagen Racing Polska is the fight for the win.

In the last 24H Dubai race edition, slightly different squad crossed the finish line on a record second place in the A3T class. The rivalry of the Polish team in Dubai might be followed on Motors TV and via official website http:/www.24hseries.com

ADAM GŁADYSZ: - We are taking part in Dubai for the second time now. In the last edition of the race behind the wheel of the Golf we managed to finish on the 2nd place, this time we will drive a well-known Leon Supercopa, which is a bit more powerful. In October we tested the car with the team and we all feel well prepared. The car is nice, fast and I think we will fight for the best places in our class. The three of us have already competed in Dubai, while Jurek Dudek and Simon Larsson will debut there. We have a good chemistry and a lot of experience from previous edition. We already can’t wait to begin the race.

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