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Solid performance in Italy


The second round of the 24H Series season has proved a very high form of the Polish R8 Motorsport. After an excellent second place in Dubai, the team has again gave all its effort to cross the finish line in the Mugello 12H race on the 6th position in the A3T class. R8 Motorsport team, which was represented by Dominik Kotarba-Majkutewicz, Adam Gładysz and Gosia Rdest. They have driven the well-known Golf GTI prepared by the Volkswagen Racing Polska. The car has once again did a great job in those extremely difficult conditions.   

Practice and qualifying session .
The first full day of the competition on Mugello circuit started on Friday 13th March. The Volkswagen Golf GTI has driven without any problems and each of the R8 Motorsport drivers had a chance to drive the car prepared by Volkswagen Racing Polska. – The day began with getting to know with the track and a free practice session. We have all been familiar with the circuit already by the simulators, so we knew the difficult task we were facing. In addition to the sporting aspects of the session, we had also practiced the change of the drivers and wheels in the car. After the training, which we had finished on 8th place, we have almost immediately went to the qualifying session. The time improved by 2 seconds in comparison to the training gave us the 6th place on the grid – the successful Friday practice and qualifying session was summed up by Adam Gładysz.  

The Race  
72 cars has lined up on the grid before the 12-hour race at Mugello. The first stage began on Friday at 2:00 P.M. and the organizer set the rivalry for 4 hours on that day. After this time, all cars have been parked in the pits maintaining current positions. Restart of the race have been scheduled for 9.30 A.M. the day after and the checkered flag waved above the track exactly 8 hours later. The first behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf GTI prepared by Volkswagen Racing
Polska has been Adam Gładysz – the fastest in qualifying session of all three members of the team. After two hours of racing the team held a good 6th position and the first visit to the pits occurred after 30 laps. During the visit in the pit-lane the ream made the first change in the driver’s seat and the other one to drive was Dominik Kotarba-Majkutewicz. Unfortunately, shortly after leaving the track the team had a collision. The orange Golf GTI has been hit by a driver of other team smashing the doors and the swingarm. The repair of the car took 20 minutes and allowed us to continue driving. The first stage of the competition the team has finished on 7th place and wanted to attack during the second day. After two hours of the Saturday competition the team gained the 6th place. From that moment the key was to maintain full control and keeping the focus. A great success of the whole R8 Motorsport team, which managed to keep the position until the finish lane in a very strong A3T class.  

Comments after 12H Mugello:  

Dominik Kotarba-Majkutewicz: - Emotions after the race are slowly falling down and we are leaving Italy with another good result on our account. Quite bad accident yesterday, but after that the driving was excellent. The car was very well prepared and we were once again able to fight with the fastest in our class.  

Adam Gładysz: - After small adventures on Friday we were able to finish the race in Mugello on the 6th place in our class and 37th generall. The accident was a pity. The Scirocco drove into our Golf GTI driven by Dominik. The result of the accident was a 20-minute repair of the broken side and swingarm. It has cost us about 10 laps. If the accident didn’t happen, we could have been able to fight for the podium in the A3T class. Unfortunately, this is the charm of the racing. We didn’t give up and fought until the end. The whole team did a great job and I would like to say thanks to everyone involved for their efforts. My substitute drivers were very fast and the cooperation with them was a great pleasure. Many thanks to our sponsors too! We are leaving Mugello very pleased of our car and our well-done job. The continuation of our starts in the series is and open case: maybe we will start in the Scirocco, maybe the Porsche or maybe we will modify our Golf. The doors are still open and we will make a decision in the near future.  

Gosia Rdest: - The race was amazing and full of adventures, which unfortunately didn’t help us. Yesterday’s 20-minute stop in the pit lane cost us the chance in fight for the podium. I am really happy with the team’s performance. It was a good practice before the start of the season in Volkswagen Golf Cup. Our goal was to have as little changes as possible so I have driven nearly two hours straight. At the end my tires were in a poor condition. We have managed to cross the finish line and achieve a good result.  

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